Thursday, November 27

Giving Thanks

"This Is The Day The Lord Has Made"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...Today will be spend at my mother's house with my sister and brother's families. Our sweet DD Jessica made it home safe Tuesday night and we just have soooo much to be thankful for.

I do wish everyone a very safe and enjoyable weekend!

Blessings to each of your families,


Friday, November 21

So much to share

This week has really been a busy one and it is'nt over yet. I was a 3rd grade substitute teacher for several days.

I worked at a small general store...this is a very old store not sure how long it has been around at least 100yrs.

Lunch time can be very...very...hectic. Only one person runs the store and therefore runs cash register, flips burgers, and makes deli sandwiches. Thank goodness there are still patient people in this world. Yesterday at lunch time I was probably waiting on at least 15 people at once (all wanting their on special orders).

After tending to the store all day and making another emergency trip to the Urgent Care Center (which I will explain later). I visited my brand new....................great niece.

This is what happened Wednesday...I became a great aunt. This is my nephew Charles and his lovely wife Emily and their adorable daughter Austyn Elaine

My Mom and her very first great grandchild...can you believe my mom is in her mid seventies.

While all this was happening this week I have suffered from a allergic reaction to an antibiotic that contains sulfate...therefore I have made two trips to the urgent care center suffering from itchy itchy inflamed spots all over my body. Thank goodness for long sleeve shirts and high neck blouses. Oh well I suppose life goes own and it doesn't matter how uncomfortable our bodies can be.

This weekend should be a lot of fun...tonight is Tiff's (Twigs) PJ party at the store.
Saturday and Sunday is the official open house.

Now I must get this busy day started...I need to make a cheeseball for this evening.

Have a great weekend everyone.



Monday, November 17

Just Catching Up

Thought I would share some pictures from this past weekend. I have been telling you about going to Tiff (Twigs) store and decorating for her Christmas Open House (Nov. 22 & 23)
The above pic is Tiff fluffing up a Santa

This is one of Tiff's one of a kind Snowman she made....

and another one (they are simply adorable)

This is a four ft. Snowman Tiff made....
Just recieved a call to teach 3rd grade so I have to cut my post short and ready myself.

I'll add more pics later.
Blessings today everyone,

Friday, November 14

Another Very Busy Week

This week has flown by with dr. appointments, teaching a painting class to a local 4H club(18 children total), helping Tiff prepare for her Christmas Open House next weekend from cleaning the store, twiking, painting candy canes, snowmen, etc. (So thankful I have a understanding hubby)
This Saturday will be spent at the store. I am sure everyone is in the same busy...busy...mode. So be safe everyone and enjoy your weekend. As they say "Tis The Season" :0)


Monday, November 10

A Great Weekend!

Had a wonderful weekend at the craft I mentioned before it was a two day sale.
I was able to see a lot of my customers from past years and friends stopped by for a visit.
My Mom came and spend the days with me...we had a great time together.

Just thought I would share some pics of my booth...I really had a lot packed in there.

I really didn't notice a decline in sales this year. Thank Goodness! It seems like the majority of booths around me were jewelry so that helped me. I have several I am really excited to get those.

Here I am...haven't a clue what I was looking at....oh well!
Today will be spent taking the remainder of my prim inventory over to my friend Tiff's store Primitive Blessings and the country crafts will go to a general store close to home. This week I will be helping Tiff get ready for her Christmas Open House....believe me there is a lot to be done before next weekend. Have a great week! I will try to get caught up on everyone's blogs during the evenings.

Wednesday, November 5

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I have a very busy week ahead of me....this weekend is my two day craft sale...Trims n Whims is held the second Saturday and Sunday of November in Shelbyville, Ky at a local elementary school (Wright). There are last minute projects to be completed, pricing the crafts (always dread this), and loading everything up into the vehicles.

Just thought you might enjoy seeing other projects besides my prim paintings. ( if you are interested in any of the patterns I will be happy to look up the designers)

Really enjoyed painting the Light Houses and dreaming of a wonderful vacation on the beach.

I will be going over to my friend Tiffany's (Twigs) house for Ida ( our Amish friend) Birthday lunch with a couple of other gals. We always have so much fun.
I will be sharing more projects tomorrow.
Have a great day!