Friday, October 31


Happy Halloween to all of you...

Also thought I would share a picture of this Halloween morning's sunrise...
Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!



Thursday, October 30

I've Been Booed And More Giveaways!

I have been booed by Rondell she has such a sweet blog. Thanks Rondell

Angie is celebrating her birthday with a very prim giveaway isn't Frosty adorable.

Two great giveaways celebrating their 100th post Kim over at is having this prim giveaway. Thanks Kim

and Cathy Jean over at with a choice of one of these pin cushion will just have to go over and visit with her to find out what the other choices are. Thanks Cathy Jean
Have a great day everyone...this morning I have errands to run may even stop by the GW. Then I really must clean house it has been neglected with all the painting going on.

Wednesday, October 29

Whatcha Working On Wednesday!

Just thought I would share with you on this Whatcha Working on Wednesday some of my craft projects.
In Monday's post I told you that something came marching into my craftroom over the
weekend... it was these two prim nutcrackers in the picture above.
I had so much fun watching these guys come to life. (the projects are Terrye French designs)

Just thought I would share this prim santa coming to life....

There he is already for my craft sale...hoping to open an etsy shop soon. If anyone is interested in him or the nutcrackers just let me know.
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, October 27

Fall Is In The Air or Is It Winter

Hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. This week is suppose to be the peak of our fall season....thought I would share a few pictures from my front porch.

This Monday morning is very chilly...the high will only be in the 40's. It certainly feels as though winter has arrived rather than fall. I ran a few errands this morning, will pick the remainder of the tomatoes off the vines (the first freeze of the season is forecasted for tonight), and the rest of the day will be spent painting.

I will share Wednesday what came marching into my craftroom over the weekend.

I must also share a giveaway over at the Pickled Pepper Patch Char is celebrating her daughter Amy's 21st birthday that will be on November 1st and is giving away a primitive wooden toaster cover. You will be so blessed by this site.... Char is soooo generous. Thanks Char.

Have a great day!



Saturday, October 25

Giveaways, Giveaways

There are two wonderful bloggers having giveaways the picture above is from Lisa over at is celebrating her 100th post with wonderful giveaway. Just go over and leave her a comment. Thanks Lisa !

Debbie over at is having another great giveaway. This idea is a great way to focus on our many blessings. Just visit Debbie and leave a comment. Thanks Debbie.

Thursday, October 23

If Wendy can come out so can I

Wendy over at decided to come out I got up the courage to do the same. So here I am with my hubby...see we both have chubby cheeks.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 22

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Just two and half weeks til my first craft show of the season. It is a two day sale at a local elementary school "Trims and Whims" I always look forward to this show. My mom and I get to spend the days together and visit with friends. So today I thought I would share some of the projects that are already completed. The picnic basket is a pattern by Char Sethman just came across her blog this week and she has some wonderful tutorials.

The lap desk is a Donna Atkins pattern.

Not sure whose pattern this is but if anyone is interested I can look it up. I found it in one of the craft magazines.

This picnic basket (Terrye French design)and the picture below (John Sliney).

I am so jealous of the creative designers;0 they can come up with such cute designs is beyond me. A special thank you to all of you...where would I be without you.

I have signed up for an esty account but have not gotten up the courage to get it started...not sure if there is a demand for the type of paintings I do. What do you think? Suggestions anyone?

Today will be spent painting....painting....painting will share with you tomorrow what I accomplish.


Tuesday, October 21

More Fall Decorations And A Giveaway

My DH was telling me that when he was a boy they would build this huge corn shock in their front yard...which gave me a great idea although he probably wished he had never told me about it. So guess what! I have a huge corn shock in my front yard. DH went over to my brothers corn field and got a truck load of corn stalks. He built this frame like a teepee and started building.

This is the back of it and it stands approx. 8 ft. tall.

This is the front of it. He built it a round the Charlie Brown Pumpkin. I just love it. Thanks Sweetie!
Also wanted to share an 100th post giveaway that Darlene over at is having so go over and visit with Darlene. Thanks Darlene and congratulations. Have a great day everyone!

Monday, October 20

Fall Decorating

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. DH and I painted the Living and Dining Room ceilings... this morning I finished putting the rooms back in order. So glad to have that feels so good when something like that is accomplished. Also I'm going to share some of our fall decorations. Hubby and I went to the pumpkin farm and they had trailers full of pumpkins, cushaw, and gourds.

So we went to work looking over all the trailers to find our pumpkins. DH found this huge pumpkin and just had to have it....I believe he had one thing on his mind that day. Pumpkin pies and cushaw cake.

Charlie Brown would have been weighed 111# it is huge! Hubby made a huge corn shock and I will share pictures of that later in the week.

I scattered the pumpkins here and there.

Added some to my ladder on the porch.

This pumpkin is a heirloom variety and it makes the best pies. We will enjoy them as decorations now...before the killer freeze ... I will freeze or can them in some way. Today I have pears to harvest so I had better get busy. Enjoy your Monday!

Friday, October 17

Mid-October Already!

Just cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since my last post. I hope you haven't forgotten me.Time has just been passing by so quickly. When our DD was home for her fall break last weekend. Jessica and I spent Saturday afternoon shopping. As I have said before fall is my favorite season. So I took the camera along with us and snapped a few shots.

We live in a rural area and are so blessed with the wonderful scenery. Also I have read that many of you have to rake your lawn so that the neighbors don't get upset when your leaves blow over into their yards. Out in the country where we live there is no one to complain unless it's the cows in the field.

Isn't God's creation so awesome!

Thought you might enjoy seeing these fall decorations. Isn't this hanging basket just beautiful...there were three in this yard. They were huge baskets.

Just love this type of decorating.

Someone put a fake crow on this was a great idea. I will be posting some of our fall decoration next week. Enjoy your weekend!