Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentines Day my DH surprised me this morning with these lovely flowers and an "I Owe You" to a dinner and movie of my choice once I'm back on my feet. (plus candy)
I know many of you wonder if am ever going to start posting like I use to and I will. I have shared with some of you gals that a year and half ago I went through Thyroid Cancer so I'm in the midst of a followup treatment.
I've kept up with my Take It Off Tuesday with Janene yet I realize I've been gaining every week but once my metabolism is back up to power it will come off.
By bloodwork Friday shows it's a go for the Radio Active Iodine Treatment Monday and Wednesday will be the Whole Body Scan if all is clear (which I feel it will be) I will be able to go back on med. and regain my strength.
Although I do feel my scan will be clear ....I continue to pray for I know God is my Great Physician.
My spirits are up and I look forward to this hurdle being behind me.
As always love hearing from you.
Happy Valentines Everyone!

Wednesday, February 4

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

We have had alot going on here and I have so much to be thankful for. As you may have heard Kentucky had a terrible ice storm along with 4 inches of snow meaning a total of approx. 12 inches. (that may not sound like much to some of you but a 4 in. snow is rare for us).

I remember last Tuesday so enjoying watching the snow fall and hearing the sleet. Then all of a sudden here comes the freezing rain and about 11:00 p.m. Tues our lights went out and were out for a full week.

Although it was a winter wonderland it was very dangerous.

As you can see from this pic the results of the freezing rain...we had approx. 1 in. of ice on our electric lines.

Trees were just snapping off and causing all kinds of problems.

My FIL had an extra generator that needed some work (so I am sooo thankful my hubby can fix just about anything). Therefore I decided to make the journey with my hubby (much rather be with him than to be home worrying and prehaps distracting him by calling his cell phone every 5 min.) off we went and my were the roads bad.

This is coming up our road and to the left of the road were these electric poles that had snapped off at the top, therefore that awesome crew of men which I have great respect for had to replace all 5 poles.

So hats off to these guys... they came in from other counties and spend countless hours (of which I know they got double and triple pay which they well deserved). And are still out there working, because all electric has not been restored.

Hubby and I just got home from the grocery we needed to restock. Even though we had the generator we had to keep the deep freeze going because we had just had a beef butchered.

Oh we could not run the water heater so it was awesome to get a nice hot shower after a week instead of just sponging off. I have decided I'm not cut out to be Amish....I'm sure my Amish friends were getting a kick out of this (not really)

Oh we still don't have phone service but they say perhaps tomorrow (Thurs.).
Have a great night everyone!