Friday, November 14

Another Very Busy Week

This week has flown by with dr. appointments, teaching a painting class to a local 4H club(18 children total), helping Tiff prepare for her Christmas Open House next weekend from cleaning the store, twiking, painting candy canes, snowmen, etc. (So thankful I have a understanding hubby)
This Saturday will be spent at the store. I am sure everyone is in the same busy...busy...mode. So be safe everyone and enjoy your weekend. As they say "Tis The Season" :0)



Farmchick said...

Yes--very busy over here too. Hope you have a great weekend...stop in and visit soon!

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

You have been busy...enjoy your weekend!

Terry said...

Those kids look like they're doing a fantastic job. The teacher must be a good one. lol!
Wish I was close enough to come to the Open House.
Take care!