Monday, January 19

Catching Up

My DH and I went out Saturday to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants and to the movies. We are Clint Eastwood fans..... he is such a great actor. We really enjoyed Gran Torino. I will not go into any details for those who have not watched it. My main complaint was the language...all in all Clint continues to successfully portray a tough guy at his age.

As promised I will try to play catch up the following pictures are of the Early American Thanksgiving at the Low Dutch Meetinghouse. Thought I would share their website please go by for a visit. (My Sweethome Gardens is not related to Sweet Home Spun....I named my gardens after the original name of a nearby small town.)

I just love taking pictures of sheep.

It was a cool day and this fire felt wonderful.

Natural dyed yarns

more sheep

Today I must really watch what is consumed into my body for tomorrow is weigh in :0. Although I do not post my scale pic...I email it to Janene over at I really do not want to make her mad she could really blackmail me with those pics ;0)
Have a great day everyone!

Friday, January 9

Christmas Break Has Come And Gone

Here is a pic of our two girls Sloan (with the face only a mother could love) and Jessica. It seems like just yesterday that Christmas break began and now Jessica has already been back to school for a week (J term) Spring classes do not start til Jan. 28th. Just thought I would share some of the pictures I took of Jessica and her friends while she was in. (don't tell her I posted all of these pics)

It was so good to hear the sound of girl's how I've missed that.

Jessica and her friends Hannah and Rachel had a movie and pizza was sooo good having them over. All three attend different universities and are unable to get together very often.

Jessica holding our newest addition to the family Austyn (my sister's first grandchild)

Jessica and my nephew Sam...(at my mom's on Christmas Eve)I do believe if we had been blessed with a son he would have look like Sam. Don't you think they look a lot alike?

This is Jessica and Pops (my friend Janie's father) he has always called Jessica his little girlfriend and Janie told my husband that as they were traveling over to our house for Christmas he told them he thought as much of Jessica as he did his very own grandchildren. (this made Jessica feel so good)

Now you may be wondering who this gentleman is....I tried to get her to give him a little kiss but she was afraid I would post it on facebook. Actually Jessica's grandfather bought this "dummy" I really don't know why...I guess "just because".

We will miss her not being home....although we do talk several times a day and have Skype so we get to see her almost everyday:)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Wednesday, January 7

Whatcha Working on Wednesday (Thursday)

Just thought I would share with you some of the projects I worked on during the first 2 weeks of December. I finally remembered to do some before and after pics. This potato bin became a Christmas gift for a friend to give as a Christmas present.


At one of my craft shows a lady ask if I painted on anything...and I told her as long as it doesn't move I will give it a try. So she brought me her father's gardening hat (she said he had past away several years ago) She said he was a WWII veteran and he was a very patriotic man.

As I was painting this hat I thought about all the time he must have spent in his garden wearing this hat....I honestly hated to paint it.

With her approval this is what we chose..... AFTER

This lady also had a picnic basket that was her mother's and she wanted a winter scene painted on it. (Before)


Another lady wanted a mailbox painted for her father (with hound dogs chasing a rabbit...he raised these type of dogs) this was a nightmare to finish and I do hope she was satisfied with it. (am always afraid someone will not be satisfied with the finished product) With my DH help it was finally completed before Christmas....after several attempts to varnish and seal the mailbox we ended up using an automotive clear should withstand all types of weather....just hope some kid with a baseball bat doesn't come near it.

The finish mailbox...the gentleman's name and address was on the other side.
Oh I forgot to mention horses and dogs are not something I do and this was the very first time for dogs.

I tried to post this yesterday but for some reason the blogger would not allow me to upload images. Has anyone other than me had this problem.
I will try to post again soon.
Please post comments....I just love hearing from you.