Thursday, July 31

Show and Tell Thursday

Good Thursday Morning! This morning we are having a much needed gentle rain. I'm praying it continues to fall all day.

Today I thought you might enjoy "Show and Tell Thursday".
My dh built our Bi-level porch several years ago and we have sooo enjoyed it. The primitive stand(if anyone knows the correct name please share with me) and wood bucket I found at a flea market. Our cat Bandit someone blessed us with one morning (if you know what I mean) and has been here ever since. He is looking in the door at our little Boston. The chair is one of the six I have been collecting at yard sales over the past several years. The small Ant. Gold milk can is another yard sale find. The watering can on the step ladder holds flags I bought at the Dollar General. I prim them by taking the flag off the dowel rods, coffee staining them, and attached them to twigs. The wood birdcage I found at the GW for $5 the nest inside was included ...just added a clay bird. The bushel basket holding the mother in law tongue plant was another yard sale find.
I just love collecting watering cans...all are yard sale finds have never given over $5 for any of them. The old chair was a freebie.
My dh built our porch swing out of cedar and made it extra long just in case we might have the time to stretch out you can tell our cat Bobbie Sox uses it the most. The patriotic throw was found at the GW (coffee stained it).
My trash to treasure fern stand was made out of wood shutters someone gave me. Look whose looking out the door my little Boston Sloan.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. My plans for the day is to make BBQ with the leftover roast ( in the crockpot of course) for supper, straighten the house, paint, and of course wash a load of clothes.
Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, July 30

Watcha Workin On Wednesday

Wednesday Already! My does time fly!

A couple of weeks ago I worked at my friend Tiffany's store and there was this adorable little dress...and I thought "I might could do that" and what do you know I actually sewed a dress without a pattern, stitched, and coffee stained it. That was a BIG accomplishment for me.
Added another sign to my garden.

Trying to get in the mood to paint for craft sales this fall and winter.So I painted this little coffeepot (Terrye French Design) if anyone is interested it's $25 + shipping. I'm off running errands.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 29

Suggestions Please!

A couple of weeks ago I found this checkerboard at a yard sale for $1.... of course I just had to have. I feel like it is just plain on the sides and it would look better if there was something painted on it...any suggestions.
The scoop was for $3...again any suggestions how I should decorate with it...the handle is gone so there is a whole in the wood so it could either sit or lay....I would so greatly appreciate any help you could contribute.
I will share the before and after photo when finished. Thanks so much!
Have a great day!

Monday, July 28

Monday Morning

As it says on my sign above the sink "Hands to work Heart to God"... It is a rainy Monday morning and I'm so thankful for the rain it is much needed. Today will be spent straightening the house, laundry, and painting some projects. My shelf above the sink and the curtains are new additions to giving my home a primitive style. I must go need to put a roast in the crockpot or there will be no supper. Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, July 26

There is always something to be thankful for

Friday started off to be a wonderful day... my daughter was off work and going to the eye doctor, my dh was helping a friend, and I help a lady on Tues. and Fri. (her husband suffered a stroke several years ago). I recieved a call from my daughter saying her car would not start and my husband was on his way to check it out.... about a hour later my husband called wanted me to come pick them both up...his motorcycle had broke a shock(thank goodness he saw it before they both hopped on to come home). It was 4:00 when I arrived and we had to come home and get a trailer to haul our daughter's car and the motorcyle home. We arrived home 10:30. I try to look at the whole picture and not let "stuff" like that discourage me. I am thankful they were both safe, made it home safely, my dh is a "jack of all trade" and can fix the car.

This morning when I woke up, went outside, looked across my front yard, saw the wonderful scenery God has blessed us with. I knew everything is going to be alright...because yesterday's misfortune could have always been sooooo much worse.
Have a great weekend!
God Bless!

Thursday, July 24


As you may have notice my header has changed....Thanks to Rondell (tomatoe creek prims) for suggesting the prim birdhouse.

Kate (pinetrees on the moors) loves chickens so thought I would share some I have painted. The chickens in the pictures all have found happy homes...will post some later that are waiting to be adopted.(if anyone would like to know who the designers are... I will be happy to look them up)
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 23

Sweet Home Gardens

(Click on pic to
I have a love for flowers so I thought I would take you on a Garden Tour today.
My hubby made my primitive birdhouse. The primitive clothes line is an idea from my dear friend Tiff and the rest are some of the many flowers from the gardens. This will probably be one of many Garden Tours.

Hope you enjoy!

Whatcha workin on Wednesday Part 2

I was finally able to upload the other produce from the Farmer's Market Dirt and All :) As you can tell I really needed to dead head my petunia and now the job is done...The bottom picture includes Daisies and Sweet Annie will share more of my gardens tomorrow

Watcha Workin On Wednesday

Wow...after months of reading all of Leslie's "Watcha Workin On Wednesday" I'm finally able to post my very own. Started early this morning picking Blackberries while it was cool; plan on making Blackberry jam for Jam Cakes (one of our favorite desserts at Christmas time). Went to our local Farmers Market and bought cantalope, white peaches, beets, cabbage, corn on the cob, potatoes, and tomatoes. I plan on working in the Garden and dead head some of the flowers, cut lavender and begin the drying process, and I really need to finish up some painting patterns I am doing of Tiff's Doddles (Primitive Blessings). I have some of my finish project's on Tiff's site under the button FOR SALE. I hope to start putting some of my paintings on etsy soon. (had more pictures to post but uploading the pictures is taking forever hope to add them later today)

Tuesday, July 22

Lazy Days of Summer

I don't think these little hummingbirds have heard the phrase "lazy days of summer"....these little guys keep me busy all summer...beginning the first of July to mid-September I have to fill both my feeders up daily. We have spotted as many as 15 hummingbirds at a time...especially when it begins to rain; they really go crazy. When we have company over they are amazed at the number of hummers we have. We so enjoy these little creatures God made for us.

Monday, July 21

Primitive Potty (After)

Is that a transformation or what....needless to say I love it. Plus there are other changes I have made around our home and we'll save those for another day.

Primitive Potty (Before )

As I had mentioned before my love of prim has grown and become evident in my home...I have been collecting items throughout the years and before my decor was a mixture of this and that(you know -just "stuff" I liked.) to make a long story short my friend Tiff (Twigsprigs) suggested I start with my bathroom so you may need your sunglasses on to view the Before Pic

Sunday, July 20

Trash to Treasure

A old suitcase I found at the GW and painted a Terrye French design and an inner door panel (my husband and I savaged from a friends house just before he tore the house down) painted a John Sliney design on it(sorry no before pics) and ...Those are just a couple of items that I've Trash to Treasured.

Saturday, July 19

A New Avenue In Life's Road Map Has Begun

Next month my only child will be leaving home and attending college in Tenn. and Mom's that have successfully adjusted say,"Kathy, you must stay busy in order to survive the empty nest syndrome". Therefore, after discovering the blogging world in early February and reading the post from a lot of the ladies it seems as though they have become my neighbors . I always look forward to Wednesday when Leslie from My Country Home Blog has her "Whatcha Working On Wednesday" challenge plus there are a lot of Blogs I enjoy looking at their Trash to Treasure items and Tutorials. So today if I'm successful in posting pictures I will share some of my Trash to Treasure items. I ask that you be patient with me while I am learning how to navigate through this blogging journey.
Have a great day.