Wednesday, July 23

Watcha Workin On Wednesday

Wow...after months of reading all of Leslie's "Watcha Workin On Wednesday" I'm finally able to post my very own. Started early this morning picking Blackberries while it was cool; plan on making Blackberry jam for Jam Cakes (one of our favorite desserts at Christmas time). Went to our local Farmers Market and bought cantalope, white peaches, beets, cabbage, corn on the cob, potatoes, and tomatoes. I plan on working in the Garden and dead head some of the flowers, cut lavender and begin the drying process, and I really need to finish up some painting patterns I am doing of Tiff's Doddles (Primitive Blessings). I have some of my finish project's on Tiff's site under the button FOR SALE. I hope to start putting some of my paintings on etsy soon. (had more pictures to post but uploading the pictures is taking forever hope to add them later today)


Leslie said...

It's great that you get to join in finally! :)

We picked blackberries a few weeks ago. I didn't freeze the leftovers like I planned and lost them! Dang! They are so late this year that I could probably go to Pap's and pick more but I just haven't done so yet. Jer wants pie!

Thanks for participating and I hope you get to join in many more times!

Raggedy Angel said...

All that fresh fruit looks yummy!
All your flowers still look good,mine have been neglected this year and it is soooo dry here. Weare getting a little rain now.

Shanda said...

OMG!! My husbands very favorite cake is jam cake. he is from Alabama and I just thought this was a deep south thing. His mother passed last May in 07. I would love to see the list of ingredience from your recipe. All I have is a recipe from an old martha white cook booklet from maybe 40 years ago. It has a jam cake listed, although I have never tried it. We have wondered if this is where maybe Mamal got her recipe. I would love to surprize my husband with one at Christmas time.