Wednesday, July 23

Whatcha workin on Wednesday Part 2

I was finally able to upload the other produce from the Farmer's Market Dirt and All :) As you can tell I really needed to dead head my petunia and now the job is done...The bottom picture includes Daisies and Sweet Annie will share more of my gardens tomorrow


DebbieCalif said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for stopping by! Boy I would love to dive into that fresh produce. We just planted some indian corn (yes a little late) and we are going to plant some pumpkins. Can't wait. I love how green everything is where you are. We are in the mountains above Palm Springs so it gets really hot, yet snows in the winter. It stays warm till November. You will have so much fun blogging. There are wonderful people to meet!
Blessings, Debbie @

Wendy said...

yum that produce looks so good!! And I too need to deadhead my petunias!! Your flowers are so pretty!! thanks for sharing!!~Wendy