Friday, October 17

Mid-October Already!

Just cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since my last post. I hope you haven't forgotten me.Time has just been passing by so quickly. When our DD was home for her fall break last weekend. Jessica and I spent Saturday afternoon shopping. As I have said before fall is my favorite season. So I took the camera along with us and snapped a few shots.

We live in a rural area and are so blessed with the wonderful scenery. Also I have read that many of you have to rake your lawn so that the neighbors don't get upset when your leaves blow over into their yards. Out in the country where we live there is no one to complain unless it's the cows in the field.

Isn't God's creation so awesome!

Thought you might enjoy seeing these fall decorations. Isn't this hanging basket just beautiful...there were three in this yard. They were huge baskets.

Just love this type of decorating.

Someone put a fake crow on this was a great idea. I will be posting some of our fall decoration next week. Enjoy your weekend!


Linda said...

What pretty country side! You do live a gorgeous area. Do your leaves get all muddy and slimy in the snow? Ours do and I can't stand it when that happens so we have to get them cleaned up by the first snowfall. They make an awful slippery slimy mess everywhere. A person could break their neck walking on them after the first snow fall melts.

Linda said...

Thanks so much for answering that!! I wondered if maybe that was the case. I love our neighbor hood but sometimes wish I was in a more rural setting where everything didn't need to be so "manicured." It's time consuming and not natural! I love the look of the leaves on the lawn, just not the damage they do.

How cool that you and Tiff are friends! I am very excited. I wish I had known about MG years ago - I have subscribed for just year now. I was missing so much!!

Have a great weekend!!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Just beautiful! Yes, God's creation is amazing, isn't it? I love the little crow on your sign. It looks so real.

Enjoy your weekend!

Shanda said...

That crow sitting on top of that sign is just too cool. Really a neat idea. You sure do live in a beautiful area.

Wendy said...

Gorgeous!! God is the master artist!! And too funny with the crow!! Can't wait to see your Fall decor!!! Hope you had a wonderfully Blessed weekend!~Wendy

Picket said...

Hey girl...I loved all that Fall color!! I thought that crow was real!!!! lol lol I love the Fall season with all it's glorious colors...can't wait to see your Fall stuff...hope to see some of those painted chickens that you said you do....I love chickens!! lol Take care and thanks for coming by!