Friday, September 12

An Evening Spent With Our Amish Friends

Wednesday Evening was girl's night out and our Amish friend Ida was the hostess. It was such a peaceful and enjoyable evening. (the picture is of the road I live on not the Amish)

I felt as though I had stepped back in time. August and Ida's home is part of the barn you step out of her back door and there is a breeze way separating the stables from the house. It was sooo cool... reminded me of Little House On The Praire.

Oh what a wonderful cook ....she served meatloaf, homemade noodles (resembled angel hair spaghetti), green beans and potatoes seasoned with a wonderful seasoning " Tiger Seasoning", (I added that to my grocery list...anxious to try that myself) homemade rolls, jelly made from some type of berry and red beet juice, Turtle Cake, and cookies with icing on top. Since my sugar level have been high I only took a teeny bite of each. Everything was WONDERFUL. Just think about the time that went into preparing that meal...remember no electricity and running water...I would have been sooo tired.... company would have been the last thing on my mind.

After supper one of my dreams came true...when I visited Lancaster PA...and saw all the Amish in their just fascinated me and I had just wondered what that would be like. Well, after the meal Ida hooked up the horse and buggy and we went for a ride.The cars that past us where probably wondering if our car broke down and Ida was giving us a ride (lol).

Ida had the horse even gallop...oh you just had to have been there to really know how much fun we had. Ida had an extra bonnet and Mandy and I took turns wearing it. We just laughed and laughed. After my friend Tiff had her turn we headed back to the house.

The house was lite with kerosene the kitchen some of Ida's siblings were playing their harmonica's and yodeling...Oh Girls! there are just no words to describe how much I enjoyed just listening to them.

The younger children were sooo well wouldn't know they were in the room.
Ida has 15 brothers and sisters...five of which are married and ten are still at home. They are such a special family. Oh...wish there were pictures to share but camera's are not allowed.

Next week we are going to harvest sweet annie at Ida's....that is ...when it drys off after the much needed rain we are suppose to get.

Have a great weekend!


Linda said...

What a delightful evening! Thanks for sharing all the fun.

Debbie @ said...

What a lovely time you had. Some of my best memories are when my hubby and I went to Ohio, Indiana and Ok. and visited the Amish stores, farms, and little quilt shops. One of my favorite start quilts was made by the Amish-I treasure it. It is an amazing world that I appreciate greatly. Please keep us posted, I love hearing about your visit.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds like a real treat to me. I would love to visit that area sometime. I'm jealous of your evening...have a great weekend.

simple~needs said...

it sounds like you had a great time!!! i would love to be there and harvest the sweet annie. i love the smell.

Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

The Amish around here are more laid back than in other places. They're not "Old Order".

A few years ago my Pap took the kids and I to his old farm and the Amish boy, Mervin, hooked his little pony up to their was a LARGE version of the kids wagons with the wooden sides that had a child's sized buggy seat hooked in it. Mervin and his sister (I forget her name!) took Shane and Aften on a few rides up and down the lane. Joe, the father, actually asked why I had no brought my camera because it would have been good to have a photo of that for the kids to remember.

I know there are Amish around here that own's just their in other people's names and are used for business purposes BUT they paid for them with cash. Many of them around here have businesses so they have telephones...not in the house, mind you but on the property. The Amish that live in my grandparents old house have running water. Joe's brother, John, bought the old house that we lived in when I was little. My Pap lives up on the hill behind him. Well, John asked my brother a few years back to help him set up the internet on his laptop! LOL It was for "business"....but we would laugh because you would go to my Pap's and see this LONG phone line going from the barn to the house ;)

Things are a BIT different around here....LOL

Thanks for sharing your story!

Have a great weekend!

This simple Life said...

Oh I can just smell that lovely dinner.

It's funny, I didn't grow up anywhere near any Amish so as a kid I would have been afraid of them. Now as an Adult I admire them. You are so lucky, can I ask how it is you got to be friends with her?

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

As I scrolled down I kept expecting pictures then came to where you said camara's weren't aloud:) you described it beautifully though. Can't wait to hear about your dryin of the sweet annie:)

SimpleFolk said...

What a beautiful picture you've created in my mind's eye. Sounds like a lovely evening. Thanks for sharing! (I also LOVE sweet annie--have fun!)


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Sounds like a very relaxing evening. I would love to visit an
Amish home and family. I think they have the right idea. But being so spoiled with all my gadgets, i know i could not live like that. I am so happy you guys had such a good time.
I cant wait to get some sweet annie!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Sounds like such a nice time! It's no wonder that they try so hard to hang onto their life style.

Shanda said...

I fround it. Thsnk you so much for the reference. I don't know how I missed it. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. The meal sounds delish.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you must have had. It must be a great experience to have an Amish friend and see what their lives are like first hand.
I love that picture of your road so peaceful and so beautiful.