Thursday, September 4

KY Deaf Festival

As many of you know my daughter is majoring in an Interpretive Training Program for the Deaf.

When Jessica was 13 she attended church camp and a Deaf Mission just so happened to be there that week and this opened her eyes to a whole new world...becoming an interpreter has become her passion in life.

On Friday night our DD came home from college. Saturday afternoon my mom, DD and I attended the Kentucky Deaf Festival in Louisville. It was really an eye opening experience for me...I realize how my cousin felt all those years at family gatherings when we were all talking to fast for him to keep up with us. Walking into the convention center and the silent communication going on around me was so amazing.

In the picture above Jessica (standing in a pink shirt) is communicating with a professor (the lady sitting and wearing glasses)she had for the past 2 years.

Jessica seemed to be in her comfort zone while there...she saw many of her past classmates, professors, people she has met at Deaf events, and we also saw my cousin (he looked so happy to be among those friends he had not seen for some time). Jessica told me she now feels as though she has been accepted into the Deaf Community so many of the people she has met in the past came up and hugged her. To my takes time to be welcomed and trusted.

This was a preformance of Around the World in 80 Days...including audience participation.

I found it very interesting to watch and the picture below allowed those of us not deaf to know what is being said.

Just thought I would share what an interesting day this truly was.

This morning I just completed a batch of Yellow Tomato Preserves.

This afternoon my mom and I are to meet my sister and niece at Starbuck's. We have a lot of things to catch up on.

Have a great day!




Leslie said...

Sounds like an interesting time! Your DD is doing something so amazing.

Yellow Tomato preserves? Preserves like jelly? Tomato Jelly? Sounds interesting.....(Raised eyebrow)LOL

Have a great day!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

That is very interesting! And you have a very special daughter to care enough to pursue this field. I wish her lots of luck with this.

Anonymous said...

Kathy,'s been awhile since I visit you last...I'm proud of your daughter. I am 88 percent lost in my right ear and 86 percent lost on my left. I have tunnel vision. When I was your daughter age I wanted to do what she doing but othere things came along. But I did learn some sign laugquage at the Addie McBride Blind shcool. In the future I want to learn Braille. Your daughter is doing a great things. Again..proud of her. What is yellow tomatoe it jelly or preserve for stew,gravy and ect. Sound interesting. You have a blessed day....Katherinellen

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Sounds like your daughter has her head on right to persue such an interesting career, I hope she has all the blessings while she is involvied with this.
Yes, I'm like Leslie, what is yellow tomato preserves?