Monday, August 11

127 Yard Sale

As you can tell by the SUV that was stopped in front of us....everyone was ready to find treasures.

The weather was perfect lower 80's and low humidity... which is very unusual for this time of year. We saw three barns displaying quilt blocks.

I plan to start an album of the barn displays.....

This year the yard sales I went to and have gone to in the past did not seem to have as many the past the route we normally take would be a two day trip...seemed as though a lot of out -of- state ventors did not travel as far away from home due to the gas prices.

In the past vehicles (ours included) would be sooooo packed with treasures they only had leg room...but this year I did not see one vehicle loaded to that capacity.

Today I work at a little general store for a friend so I must wait until tomorrow to show you what treasures I picked up..



Gettysburg Homestead said...

I have heard it is normallt a lot of fun.

P.S. please do keep an album of barn quilts as I may pic your brain when making floorcloths.


Linda said...

LOL - I love a good tease and that sure one. I'll be back tomorrow!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Kathy- I just love the 127 Flea Market!!!
We used to go to the part that went from Crossville (TN) to Jamestown, and I loved it. It's like Disneyworld... you can't see it all in one trip! LOL
How far down 127 did you go?
The last post was so scary- I'm so glad the little feller wasn't hurt... jeez!! Very close call, but thank God, everything was okay.
I was reading some other posts and saw your daughter is going to Maryville College? My back door!!! And I LOVE the recipe for the squash pickles!! I will definitely try those.
Can you tell I've had a great time visiting your blog? I can't shut up!! LOL
LOVE your blog- can't wait to see more!

Wendy said...

Oh I can't wait to see your goodies!! And those block quilts are awesome!! Take care!~Wendy

Lisa said...

This looks like soooo much fun! Can't wait to see the goods!

Prim Lover/Farmgirl Dreamer said...

I wish I could have went, it seems like alot of fun and I love flea markets... always great stuff found there!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Sounds like a lovely day!