Thursday, August 14

Pay It Forward

Thank you ladies for all the Birthday wishes.

I received alot of B-day cards but this card from my DD meant soooo much. This has always been my main goal in life and just to see it on a card and know my daughter picked it especially for me was just soooo precious. The words written on the card brought tears to me eyes and inside it said "Thank you! Happy Birthday! I Love You, Jessica"

Thanks sweetie! "I love the web cam too!"

Linda from announced a "Pay It Forward" on her blog and I decided to play.
This is how the "Pay it Forward" works - I will send a small gift of my choice to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this "Pay it forward" exchange. You must make the same pledge on your blog. Please keep the item small so that it can be mailed in a mailing envelope or small box. So if you want a little goody from me and you are willing to do the same on your blog, leave me a comment and let me know. Therefore you must have a blog to play this one. So make sure I have a way to contact you initially -either by leaving a link to your blog or an email address. If you stopped by but you don't want to play, you can still leave me a comment - I love visitors! You will only be included in playing if you say you want to play and you are one of the first three.

Have a Great Day!




Anonymous said...

Give Jessica a big hug and kiss for me. Sit down together and have a good's all part of the greiving process. Don't be afraid to let her know you're going to miss her. I should know, I've done it a few times! Love and miss you. Tammy

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card! Happy Birthday to you.

Scoti said...

I love thouse kinds of cards....Happy Birthday.....I would love to play in the Pay it Foward!!! Love your blog too. :) Scoti

Scoti said...

my comments aren't working...hmmm?

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Isn't that daughter and I do the same for birthdays too:)
Thanks for the sweet comments about the potting bench didn't take him a very long time to do it either.