Wednesday, August 6

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Last Saturday I went to three yard sales and all I bought was two graters . . . spend a total of 50 cents. Starting tomorrow is the 127 annual yard sale and if you have never heard of that I will explain it tomorrow.

Thanks for the many suggestions on how I should display the checkerboard and scoop.

Thanks to Carolyn, Lisa, and Linda...I have decided to leave the checkerboard alone and display it on the shelf above my window in the Living Room. (Standing on a chair to get this shot)
The old scoop I am still playing may change with the season thanks to my fellow bloggers for giving me endless possiblities.
The grubby apples in the crock were red apple Christmas ornaments I had bought 12 at the GW for 50 cents so I just dipped them in wax and hand pressed cinnamon and cloves.
As I had mentioned before my friend Tiff draws her doddles and I attempt to bring some life to them and write up her painting patterns. I have completed 4 and have approx. 20 more to go.
Have a great evening!


Leslie said...

Love everything :) The checkerboard looks great as is where you placed it. The stuff you filled the scoop with is really fall. Like what you did with your apple ornaments and I love the snowmen!

Have a great rest of your day!

Linda said...

What a great idea with the apples! I ned to remember that and try it! The checkerboard looks great where it is. Simple and prim. And the scoop looks great with the potporri and I can see it change with the seasons too. Thanks for sharing!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love everything! I really like the scoop with the fall stuff!
Great painting, i just love Twigs doodles!

simple~needs said...

good grief, i love it all!!
o would love to find a scoop like that!! ya know, come winter yoou could make some of those snowballs that are made from joint compund. add some glass glitter and it would look so cool!! or . maybe a bunch og gingers in there...