Sunday, August 10

The Most Frightening Experience In All Of My Life

As most of you know yesterday my Mom and I went on the 127 Yardsale....all day long I had been watching people cross the road...being careful that know one stepped out in front of me.

When I was just approx. 8 miles from home there was this little boy on his bike that came off this embankment and rode right into the side of the van. I was driving slow...there was a stop sign right in front of me.

I just can't hardly find words to describe this.....I stop the van... looked back ..... jumped out of the van... there he was on the road. He jumped up and looked at me and said "I'm I bleeding and I looked him over and said "no honey your not bleeding" I proceeded to ask him where his mom was and he said she was not home and I ask "where is your house"....he pointed to a white house ... my mom stayed with him while I ran over to the house....not knowing what to expect or who would come out....this man (probably late 20's early 30's) came to the door and I said, "could you come outside and I explained the little boy seem to be okay and that he ran into the car". (how do you break the news that the little boy had been in a wreck)

I'm not sure if it was the little boy's father or not but the little boy was saying I couldn't stop my bike it doesn't have brakes....the man seemed more concerned if the van was hurt and if it was going to cost money....I said that was the last thing we were concerned about that he needed to look over the little my mom and I proceeded to point out he had a bruise on his head, scrap on his little arm and leg, and that his back looked bruised.

He said to the little boy we'll take care of it...we will go into the house and put a little alcohol on it.(not sure if he was joking with the little boy ) but my mom said OH know!

Needless to say...on the way home all I could think about was the what if's....if just a couple of seconds sooner I would have ran over him...I was so sick....I called my husband, he came home, and said we should have called the police. So we called them and the officer said they did not fill out police report unless there as a significant cost husband said we are not concerned about the vehicle ...we were wanting to make sure everything was handled correctly...he said he would log that it occurred. That just seems so strange to me how the police handles some things...I know the little boy ran into the side of the van and it wasn't my fault ...I just not know...I just think the police should have went to the house and made sure the little boy was ok.

Thank God the little boy was not hurt worse...

This has always been a fear of mine....things can happen sooooo quickly.


Linda said...

I am always so afraid of things like that too. I pray that little bo does not have head injury or something. You did the best you could given the cirumstances!!

hugs, Linda

pinetrees on the moor said...

I second what linda said you and your mum did everything right.But i know what you mean,that little boy will be in your thoughts.Try not not worry to much.Take care~Kate~

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh, I am so glad the little boy is okay! You are right, you just never know what might happen. Angels were watching over him for sure!
What makes me so angry is that some people just do not look out for their kids! They just turn them loose to do as they please as long as they stay out of the parents' hair.
You did all the right things in this situation. I'm so glad it wasn't worse.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Oh Kathy, that is an terrible experience! I am praying he is ok.
glad it was not a worse situation.
BTW, thanks for posting my giveaway. Hugs!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh my word that is very scary. But I do agree with your husband you should have the called the police right there and then on the scene. The reason I say that is it could be misconstrued as a hit and run. I am glad though you did call later and that the little boy is ok.


Raggedy Angel said...

I am sure he is ok being you were going so slow,he is probably really sore today. I know it he had to upset you, my nerves were tore up just reading about it! Beth

JenW!~ said...

OH Dear. I certainly woud be upset if faced with the same situation. Good to hear it was not as bad as it could have been. You did the right thing and you did all you could.

Debi said...

O Kathy dear!!

I am soo sorry to hear about all of this trauma!!
I do know what you are talking about...only I was on the other side...watched my 5 year old daughter run out from between two cars... (in a roadside park...on our way home from Florida...we were in Alabama!) Scared the .... out of me!!! She ran into the front side of the passenger side of the car... then the back side... O MY HEART had to of stopped!!!! The lady driving... she was a nurse... just got off work at the local hospital... night shift! She was as much a basket case as I was!!! We were both checking out my daughter... she only had two black spots on her left leg... where she rubbed the back tire!!! O how the what ifs ran through my mind for the hours after!!! (AND SHE DIDN'T RUN OUT IN FRONT OF CARS FOR A LOOONGGGG TIME AFTERWARDS!!!... BUT I didn't let her out of my site for quite some time either... she HAD to hold my hand everytime we got out!!) Really scary!! on either side of the coin!!! Hope your heart has started beating again... and my prayers are with that it NEVER happens again!!! Hope little boy is doing my prayers too!!!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

That is frightening ~ you poor dear. I think you handled everything perfectly.